Global Health 2035 in the News

Larry Summers and 266 Other Economists Tell the UN It's All About Health Care

Bloomberg Business. Peter Coy. 18 Sep 2015.

The World's New Health Goal Will Need Game-Changing Health Technologies

Huffington Post. Lawrence H. Summers and Gavin Yamey. 3 Sep 2015.

Financing Global Health R&D: "Investments in R&D one of the most effective ways to improve global health

DSW Blog. Eoghan Walsh. 31 Jul 2015.

Offline: Can one turn an inspiration into a reality?

Horton R. The Lancet, Vol. 385, No. 9967, p492. February 7, 2015

Srinath Reddy and Dean Jamison Interview with MK Venu

Rajya Sabha TV. 3 Feb 2014.

Reforms and right steps towards universal health coverage can prove transformative for India

Economic Times. Lawrence Summers. 12 Dec 2014.

We play with fire if we skimp on public health

Financial Times. Lawrence Summers. 9 Nov 2014.

A New Direction for Global Health Aid (Ställ om det globala hälsobiståndet). Gavin Yamey and Jesper Sundewall, 7 Nov 2014.

Global health's "grand convergence": How innovation can play a crucial role.

The Guardian. Yamey G, Binagwaho A. Oct 2014.

Innovation is crucial to achieving a "grand convergence" in global health

Innovation Matters: Pioneering Innovation Today for Health Impact Tomorrow. Yamey G, Binagwaho A. Sep 2014.

Reactions to Global Health 2035: An Interview with Gavin Yamey

Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy. Elyse Franko. 4 Jun 2014.

The Grand Global Health Convergence. Project Syndicate

Yamey G, Saxenian H. 10 Apr 2014.

Achieving Global Health Equality within a Generation

Huffington Post. Summers L, Yamey G. Jan 2014.

Grand convergence: a future sustainable development goal?

The Lancet, Vol. 383, No. 9913, p187, 18 Jan 2014.

Time ripe for a new kind of global health aid

CNN, Fareed Zarakia's Global Public Square. Sir Richard Feachem and Gavin Yamey. 19 Dec 2013.

A Victory for Rwanda

U.S.News & World Report. Shannon Firth. 17 Dec 2013.

Lawrence Summers on the Charlie Rose Show

The Charlie Rose Show. 10 Dec 2013.

Experts work to eliminate global health inequality and bring economic benefits

Euro News. 6 Dec 2013.

Global health equality can be realized in a generation: report

Global Post. 3 Dec 2013.

Increase taxes on tobacco, alcohol to save lives: Report

Business Standard. 3 Dec 2013.

Developing countries told 'tax tobacco to save lives'

BBC News. Jane Dreaper. 2 Dec 2013.

Global health disparities could 'end in a generation' with annual $60bn funding

The Guardian. Randeep Ramesh. 2 Dec 2013.

Lawrence Summers one-on-one interview with Becky Anderson

CNN. 2 Dec 2013.